Convivial Hospitality

Hospitality is a deep-rooted tradition, a practice carried out through history and culture, a reality which shaped the daily life of different people and individuals alike, advancing the development of civilization.
Hospitality has always been linked to a religious dimension.
Guests are sacred and benefit from divine protection; they should be welcomed and housed and the host should offer his service with respect and cordiality.

When you will access the gates which lead to the square near the church and you will enter the doors of our guest houses, and there you will find us ready to welcome you in our house and in our lives.

For us, the key terms of hospitality are: sharing, simplicity, conviviality and welcoming.

Convivial hospitality is for us a way to develop relationships with tenderness, kindness, friendship and collaboration as prerogatives.
It is a place in which we share spaces and services, where we alternate personal moments with time spent with the wider community and where those staying go beyond the mere act of booking a room or changing bed sheets. The experience we offer is tailored to the guest who is enabled to fully live local territory with all the possibilities it can offer, where we can narrate its beauty and let life inhabit us.

The experience which our guests will take home with them will not only be the memories of a wonderful holiday, but the experience of a transformed life and the renewed hope to face daily life with more lightness and serenity.


Santuario Nostra Signora di Soviore - Monterosso al Mare

We invite you to discover a holiday which encompasses spirituality, nature and art.

Redescover silence, your relationship with nature and share the experiences of your inner soul.
The Nostra Signora di Soviore Sanctuary is the oldest santuary in the region Liguria and it is situated on the hills that surround and dominate Monterosso.
The sanctuary’s antique church is home to a series of art pieces belonging to the ‘genovese’ school; such as an antique Agati organ from 1834 and the wooden statue of the Virgin Mary hoding the dead body of the Christ.
The statue is found on the major altar of the church and as per tradition, on Jubelee years for the Roman Catholic Church, it is taken to the town of Monterosso to be venerated by the crowd.
The church remains open at all times for visitors’ prayers and moments of refelection.
The antique lodgings within the sanctuary of the N.S. di Soviore wormly welcome you with the simplicity of its guest rooms and the beuty of the panorama.

The history of the Sanctuary has been told over and over since it was built in 1200, so it is not our intention to take you on a historical journey but rather to make you discover the atmosphere of such a unique site of incomparable beauty.
The Sanctuary was built as a consequence of the popular devoton of the people of Monterosso and of the many pilgrims who never stopped loving it.

Atmosphere of such a unique site

built as a consequence of the popular devoton of the people of Monterosso and of the many pilgrims who never stopped loving it.


When walking up the old path which leads from Monterosso to the Santuary of N.S. di Soviore, you will retrace the steps of many wayfarers before you.

Along the way, stopping at each devotional chaple representing each Station of the Cross , if you listen carefully, you will be able to hear the wind rustling through the trees in the woods and imagine the whispered prayers and the hymn from the processions which for centuries, in the month of August walk throught the streets of Monterosso, along the path up to hill to the Sanctuary’s church. There, the statue of Our Immaculate Lady of Soviore protects all 5 Terre’s sailors, fishermen and men at sea.
From the Sancturay’s square, under the shade of the centenary holm oaks, the view spans from the Monterosso cost out to the promontory of Punta Mesco and further to the Portofino promontory.
On clear days with northerly winds blowing, you can spot Corsica at the horizon, the
archipelago of the Tuscan isles and the martime Alps with the unmistakeble Monviso’s peak in full view.

Tha sanctuary
and its services

The sanctuary offers several suggestive spaces. Each space is designed to accomodate a different part of the stay, according to different seasons of the year…